Sweet Corn - Yellow or White - It Makes a Difference

August 10, 2017
Yellow or white. It does make a difference. If you live in Idaho, it probably isn’t as important if your summer sweet corn is yellow or white. If it is fresh, cooked properly and not too starchy, it passes. But here in Lancaster County, in what might be...
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Grands & Kids Adventures

August 8, 2017
“Tubing was on my bucket list for a long time and yesterday I got to do it,” said Jim Boose. Boose, who recently moved to Gardens North with his wife Regina, marked tubing off his bucket list earlier this summer. The best part? His granddaughter Anna, 11, joined him...
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No Reason to Fear the Dentist

August 3, 2017
For the past several weeks I have been telling you about interesting people and places I have run into the past six months while I have been writing feature stories for the Ephrata and Lititz weekly newspapers. And as I continue to have new adventures in doing that research I...
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The Local Spots

July 27, 2017
I am a sucker for local spots - restaurants, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, auctions, mud sales, yard sales and the like. I have been since long before I moved here at the beginning of the year. I must say my wife Tina is not nearly as enthralled as I...
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