Don’t Underestimate Short Distance Running

January 19, 2015
You are a marathoner. Whether this is your first 13.1, your umpteenth 26.2, or you've done ultras, you are a marathoner. Many of you will admit that, but others - not so much.  I know, I know, "but I run slow" or "I just started" or "I walk sometimes, maybe...
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The Harvest Table Enhances the Community Experience

January 12, 2015
New Holland, Pennsylvania, is known as “the Garden Spot.” Recent renovations at Garden Spot Village in New Holland celebrate the community’s blessings while raising the dining experience to new culinary heights. Inspired by Lancaster County’s rural heritage, natural materials and a palette of earth...
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Why You Should Run the 2015 Garden Spot Village Marathon

December 21, 2014
  (This article was e-mailed to all the current and past Garden Spot Village Marathon runners on December 20, 2014) Hello Runners, Imagine the starting line. The adrenaline. The excitement. The buzz. Makes you smile, doesn't it? You can't help it. I know I can't. Either you're registered...
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Sleep: The Foundation for Fueling your Brain and Body

December 19, 2014
Sleep is a critical part of the foundation for health and wellness. As busy as we are, it isn’t a surprise that sleep is usually the first pillar of the foundation to give. Making sure we get the right amount of sleep improves our health while skimping on...
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Getting Into the Christmas Spirit at Garden Spot Village

December 2, 2014
I just heard a huge round of applause from a large crowd in the Village Square just outside my office. A major remodeling that stretches from Village Square to The Harvest table was recently wrapped up and the result is spectacular. After almost 8 months, we moved back into the marketing...
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