Meet Your Neighbors: Bob & Mickey Adams

August 25, 2014
A Feeling of Family From the first day Corky moved into the cottage at Garden Spot Village, he felt right at home. So did Bob and Mickey Adams, who brought the handsome black-and-white “tuxedo” cat with them when they moved in last September. “The folks at Garden...
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Retirement Communities Make Good Neighbors

August 15, 2014
From a cup of coffee at the café to a Saturday evening concert, from Sunday church services to an indoor swimming pool, you can find virtually any amenity or convenience you could want without ever setting foot beyond the boundaries of Garden Spot Village’s impeccably manicured 104-acre...
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Garden Spot Village Promotes Local Tourism

July 21, 2014
How many times have you fallen so in love with a vacation destination that you want to move there? That happens more and more when folks visit Lancaster County, which ranks with Florida and Arizona as a major retirement “mecca.” In fact, about 55 percent of the people who...
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Meet Your Neighbors: Mary Ellen Bough

July 11, 2014
Mary Ellen Bough spent 44 years teaching math—and teaching aspiring teachers how to teach math—before she officially retired. She moved to Garden Spot Village in 2008 and before long found herself teaching again. “In a sense, I never stopped,” says Bough, who holds a doctorate in...
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