7 Ways to Make a Better World

May 12, 2014
Garden Spot Village has a clearly focused mission: To enrich the lives of older adults as an expression of Christ’s love. One of the many ways the community carries out that mission is by creating an environment in which Villagers can live with purpose. Many residents and team...
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Meet Your Neighbors: EJ Rittersbach

May 5, 2014
EJ Rittersbach is up with the roosters. First thing in the morning, she boots up her laptop and dials into the server at Farm Journal Media, where she has worked for the circulation department since 1956. A resident at Garden Spot Village since August 2008, Rittersbach started working at “The Farm...
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In Review: The 2014 Garden Spot Village Marathon

April 22, 2014
(Image via Jeremy Hess Photography) This past Saturday we hosted the 7th Annual Garden Spot Village Marathon with a record-breaking 1,217 registered runners for the half and full marathon, plus 139 for the Kids Marathon on Friday night! It was a warm, sunny morning – perfect running weather as the runners left...
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Meet Your Neighbors: Paul and Janie Hutton

April 15, 2014
Paul and Janie Hutton came a long way to get to Garden Spot Village. The son of a pastor, Paul lived in New Jersey; Center County, Pa., Haiti and Puerto Rico — all by the time he was 13. Janie grew up in Belleville, Mich., where her father worked for Ford...
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Spring is Coming to Garden Spot Village

April 8, 2014
As the days slowly get longer, and the mercury rises a fraction of a millimeter at a time, spring returns to Lancaster County. At Garden Spot Village, it gets a helping hand. As we head into the warmer months, Campus Services is busy fertilizing lawns, pruning trees, cleaning flower beds...
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