Garden Spot Villagers Read to Enrich Others

March 26, 2014
Volunteerism by the book Martin Tupper, a 19th-century British author, wrote, “A good book is the best of friends….” Several Garden Spot Village residents are sharing the joy of books with others—introducing them to youngsters and making them accessible to those who have difficulty reading. ...
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Exploring Faith at Garden Spot Village

March 5, 2014
Growing in the Spirit at Garden Spot Village You might choose a place to live based on the convenience of its location, by its scenic surroundings or by the spacious floorplans and outstanding amenities it offers. You might choose a place based on its industry-leading healthcare options. You might choose...
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A Community Committed to Social Accountability

March 3, 2014
We—all of us—live in community. From the other members of our household to the neighbors of our municipality to our fellow citizens of the world, we interact with and impact others. Steve Lindsey, chief executive officer at Garden Spot Village, examines the concept of social accountability...
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Low Impact Exercises for Arthritis Sufferers

February 26, 2014
Tai Chi Classes Are Popular with Garden Spot Village Residents Those living with Arthritis can attest to the fact that sometimes working out can be more painful than beneficial. However, doing low-impact exercises will actually help relieve Arthritis pain. At Garden Spot Village, we offer a vast variety of low...
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