Volunteers Shine their Light

May 30, 2017
Garden Spot Village holds service as a core value and the theme of service flows through every facet of the community as residents volunteer in a variety of ways to keep Garden Spot Village running smoothly. Approximately 500 residents volunteer regularly on campus. In total, these volunteers served 59,674 hours in 2016. Since 1996...
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More Fun Than The Circus

May 25, 2017
In mid-January, I was in the midst of a search for a vehicle to replace my VW Jetta with something a little “sportier.” I was in Manheim on a cold, rainy day, test-driving an Audi TT (that I eventually purchased) with an XL rep from a small, family...
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Smell The Coffee

May 18, 2017
I am a coffee nut… I like good coffee. I am not a Starbucks fan as I think they over-roast their beans but my search for good coffee is ongoing. I recently finished a story for the Lititz Record on local coffee roasters and coffee shops which will be...
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Marathon Embodies of the Vitality of GSV

May 16, 2017
Don Aldrich completed his first half-marathon in April and took first place in his age category. The Garden Spot Village Marathon embodies the life and vitality of the community that hosts it with open arms. On the day of the marathon thousands of people, from across the country and around...
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Beginning Life at Garden Spot Village

May 11, 2017
My wife Tina and I are “newbies” at Garden Spot Village. We were the first residents (December 28) of Sycamore Springs and affectionately named our home “The Outpost” as we were the only residents for some 10 weeks. Tina jumped into the community with both feet and joined...
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