A Groundhog’s Shadow and a Breath of Spring

February 6, 2017
After a string of dreary January weather, the sun came out the other day just long enough for Punxsutawney Phil to see his shadow and declare six more weeks of winter. In the meantime, at Garden Spot Village, a touch of spring had already arrived. All this month, the Village...
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A Morning in Refresh Cafe

January 25, 2017
Monday January 17, 2017, was a carpool day because the VW Beetle was incapacitated and in for repair. Approaching Garden Spot Village my wife, Cheryl, asked, “Is it okay if I hang out at Refresh and work for a while before going to the office?”  The answer was, &ldquo...
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Special Sauce

January 20, 2017
We’ve all heard of the “special sauce” —those secret ingredients, in specific proportions, lovingly combined in a unique way to create something special, something mouthwatering that makes us want to come back for more. The interesting thing about the special sauce is that you can...
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