New Hot Air Balloon

September 7, 2016
Early in the morning on Friday, September 2 – 4:12 a.m. to be exact – the phone rang.  After an exchange of good mornings, Stan Hess from the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team said, “A review of the weather at Garden Spot Village shows we should have a...
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“I Remember” with Esther Sideman

September 5, 2016
In February of 1996, Esther Sideman became a woman with a very unique distinction: she was the very first resident to move to Garden Spot Village. “It was an exciting time, for me and the board of Garden Spot Village, for the fruition of what they’d been aiming...
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Look & Learn

August 9, 2016
Just inside the front door of the Village Square Visitor Center, Caren Creek, Megan Farber, and Kelly Sweigart greeted people as they walked over to a table covered with a deep red, logoed tablecloth. They were signing in for a Look and Learn Seminar with smiles on their faces as...
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