Cross-Generational Stewardship

April 27, 2016
  “Water is life and without it, life is very difficult.” – Stephen Okurut, School Headmaster, Koreng, Uganda. To imagine a life without fresh water seems impossible. Not having clean water, such an integral part of each day, is difficult to wrap your head around. Even harder to...
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2016 Business Expo

April 26, 2016
Walking into Garden Spot Village, the murmur was hard to miss. Friendly chatter, bunches of people… it’s Expo Day. Vendors lined the halls, happily talking with visitors that came by their tables. The annual Business Expo is a great way for local companies – approximately 80 this year ...
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A Life Filled with Possibility

April 25, 2016
Graduate high school one day, and never, ever get a tattoo. Those are the two promises Raymond Powell’s mother wanted him to make her before she signed off on his decision to enlist in the Navy during WWII, instead of waiting to be drafted into the Army. Joining...
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