Garden Spot Village Marathon - From The Email Archives

December 3, 2015
Garden Spot Village hosts a marathon each spring. The Race Director writes an e-mail to the registered runners every week starting in January. Just for fun we are posting some of his past e-mail blasts. Here is one from February 2015. Enjoy. Hello Runners, I love runners. I love being around...
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Veteran’s Day Appreciation

November 11, 2015
One of my responsibilities as Storyteller is preparing and sending out press releases. It’s a unique world to navigate, as there are many different outlets that need information sent to them in a variety of ways. When it came time to prepare a media alert (one type of...
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GSV Bake Off

October 20, 2015
Recently, GSV had our annual Bake-Off. What's our Bake-off? It's a fun contest, originating in Mountain View, where participating staff members and residents make tasty treats of their choosing and enter it in hopes of winning. This is the sixth time we've held this contest and each...
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