Grilling with the Chefs

July 21, 2016
  On Tuesday, July 20, 2016, starting at 5:30 p.m., 48 residents and future residents experienced a fabulous evening at Garden Spot Village. A canopy of lush green trees shaded the patio by the Gardens Courtyard Gazebo. Black table cloths adorned eight tables set with centerpieces of vibrant fresh vegetables: yellow peppers, red...
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Ice Cream Carnival

July 18, 2016
  As theme-appropriate carnival music played, Garden Spot Village bustled with life. Residents, their families and friends, and staff were all gathered for one thing: the annual GSV Ice Cream Carnival. In the Village Square Park, lines of people huddled around tables patiently waiting for the flavors of their choice,...
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Sycamore Springs Ground Breaking

July 13, 2016
  The metal from brand-new shovels glistened in the sunlight. Guests stood under canopies and parasols to try to keep cool. The heat was unmistakable, and so was the excitement – Sycamore Springs was officially about to break ground. “A sycamore is a sign of gifts given to us....
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“I Remember” with Nevin Kraybill

July 4, 2016
There are many residents with many memories of when GSV first started, but Nevin Kraybill, retired CEO, offers a different perspective. Nevin has been associated with GSV since its inception. After spending 10 years in Tanzania, East Africa, in various administrative roles, he moved back to the States and in 1989, was...
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