Meet Gloria Stevens

June 1, 2016
If you go visit the aeroponic greenhouse, there’s a good chance you may meet Gloria Stevens. Gloria, the new greenhouse coordinator, grew up on 26 acres of land that her father would farm in his spare time. Armed with curiosity and a love of nature from her father, and...
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Aeroponic Greenhouse Dedication

May 13, 2016
Though the weather was rainy and cold, the environment in the Garden Spot Village Aeroponic Greenhouse was warm and inviting the day of its dedication – and not just because the temperature is set at a certain level to promote plant growth. Guests such as New Holland Mayor Wilbur Horning...
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“I Remember” with Ethel Danner

May 11, 2016
Ethel and Charles Danner came to Garden Spot Village in the Spring of 1996. When they moved, it was to a one bedroom apartment with a den in Gardens North, where Ethel still lives. Though her residence remains the same, a lot has changed since she first arrived. Like many who...
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Cross-Generational Stewardship

April 27, 2016
  “Water is life and without it, life is very difficult.” – Stephen Okurut, School Headmaster, Koreng, Uganda. To imagine a life without fresh water seems impossible. Not having clean water, such an integral part of each day, is difficult to wrap your head around. Even harder to...
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