Meet the Garden Spot Village Wood Shop

July 10, 2015
Soon after John Dolan moved to Garden Spot Village two years ago, he found a home. His first week here, he discovered the Woodshop, paid his dues, and joined. "It was like making 35 instant new good friends," says Dolan, who will serve as the group's chairman this year. "You...
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In the Bushes

June 29, 2015
Earlier last week, about 7:30 in the morning, as I'm headed for the main entrance I see Scott Weaver, our Director of Campus Services, standing in an obscure corner among some shrubbery with his hands on his hips looking around. I was intrigued so I hung back to see what...
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Grands and Kids Camp

June 23, 2015
I just wrote the script for Endeavor, our monthly video which reviews what's happening at Garden Spot Village in the coming month. It's designed to be enticing so that people visit our website and discover "all" the stuff that's going on. And there is a ton of...
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Living with Opportunity & Purpose

June 18, 2015
Words like opportunity and purpose are hallmarks of Garden Spot Village. Youthfulness is an attitude not an age. People can pack up and go and not worry about a thing because they know while they’re gone their place will be looked after, the lawn will be mowed and...
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