March 8, 2022 // 9:31 AM

100 Year Legacy, From Steel to Dresses

Written by Emma Burger

Turning 100 does not happen every day; therefore, when it does, a celebration is in order. Margaret Miller, Garden Spot Village Resident since February 2002, a woman to be celebrated not only for her age but for the many remarkable accomplishments in her life.

During World War II, while her husband, Amos Miller, fought abroad in the army, Margaret needed to move back with her parents and get a job to support herself. Thinking she would only receive an office job, Margaret applied at Lukens Steel Company in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. To her surprise, she was designated to work the brand new crane machinery. Despite the job being highly technical and brand new to nearly everyone on-site, Margaret became the first and only female operator, placing and moving beams for the steel plant. She rose to the challenges set before her and persevered through struggling times.

Senior Life a guide to assisted living Garden Spot Village After the war had ended, Amos and Margaret reunited and settled in Sadsburyville, Pennsylvania. The two had three children together, Keith, Kelvin and Leisa, and bought a home. “It was good there,” Margaret reminisces, thinking about her old house. After her children were in school and Amos was working, owning and operating Miller’s Garage and Auto body, she was left with the desire to go out and work again. Her husband suggested that she open a dress shop. Because her house was large enough to accommodate a business, she opened Sadsbury Dress Shop in the late 1950s. Margaret quickly became a popular destination for formal wear and dresses. She traveled by train from Philadelphia to New York to buy her dresses. They were particularly popular amongst the wives in The Order of Eastern Star Delaware, Ohio, and Maryland. She shared that her shop was extremely accommodating of all clients, which made her store environment a wonderful place to be in. She remarks that “God worked it out for me” when talking about how fortunate she was to have a house that allowed for her store. She owned and operated the store for 30 years. Today, Margaret now has 10 beautiful grandchildren and great-grandchildren that she loves dearly.

Margaret not only pioneered a path for women in steel, but she also ran a highly successful business during her lifetime. She is a highly inspirational woman and one that deserves to be celebrated for not only her age or accomplishments, but also for the amazing woman she was and continues to be today.

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