January 25, 2017 // 11:01 AM

A Morning in Refresh Cafe

Written by Scott Miller

Monday January 17, 2017, was a carpool day because the VW Beetle was incapacitated and in for repair. Approaching Garden Spot Village my wife, Cheryl, asked, “Is it okay if I hang out at Refresh and work for a while before going to the office?”  The answer was, “of course.” In fact, it’s not unusual to see people from the broader community sitting in the Refresh Coffee bar with a laptop open or a tablet. Wi-Fi is complimentary and there are electrical outlets by the booths.

The intent of the Refresh Coffee Bar is to be a place of community. By “community” it’s meant; a place where people feel welcome and at home, where they can gather with friends, meet new people or just sit quietly in the presence of others. It doesn’t matter whether or not they live at Garden Spot Village. Everyone is welcome and it creates a feeling of life, vibrancy and engagement. On cold overcast days, like this day, there’s a fire in the fireplace and of course there’s always hot Starbucks coffee.

Just after 8 o’clock Cheryl’s laptop was surrounded by a few impressive looking documents, she was logged in and her fingers were quietly tapping away on the keys. “This has been great,” she commented, “I got a lot done. I’ll probably get a hot tea and leave for the office shortly.”

A little while later, as she packed up, a couple of mother’s with young children arrived and sat at the coffee bar. In the background you could hear the tiny voices of kids and cheerful conversations as more people stopped in to order their favorite morning drinks or a breakfast sandwich. Looking around with an eyebrow raised she asked, “this is a retirement community, right? You’d never know just by looking at all the people who are here.”

Cheryl Miller is the Chief of Staff for Discover Lancaster, the official Destination Marketing Organization for Lancaster County of which Garden Spot Village is a member.

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