December 7, 2017 // 10:17 AM

A New Community: Sycamore Springs Residents Connect

Written by Art Petrosemolo

Last December when Tina and I took up residence in Sycamore Springs, it was a pretty bleak place. Contractors, trucks and mud everywhere. We actually told people we lived in the Outpost and it stuck. I still have the Outpost sign in the window.

In early spring, Barbara and Dick Endres moved in, followed by Rex and Carol Trent, Tom and Janice Ford and Larry and Liz Bicking. Others followed and suddenly we were a new community and needed to get to know each other.

Tina jumped into Garden Spot Village life with two feet and immediately got some of the neighbor wives together - Janice Ford, Barbara Endres and Liz Bicking - and planned a July 4th picnic on what, then, was a recently completed patio between 507 Keyser and 508 Headington. Scott Weaver, director of campus services, helped us find tables and chairs and we enjoyed our first social event together. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and enjoyed homemade salads and desserts to celebrate Independence Day.

It was a chance for new neighbors to get to know each other and share move-in experiences. Everyone was anxious to see each other’s homes and how they downsized (or not). It was a fun afternoon and everyone was anxious to plan another event.

Not three days later, Tina, Liz, Janice and Barbara sat down and planned a Fall Equinox Celebration event for September 22 and a cookie tasting and exchange for December 3. The September and December events were scheduled for the new community house for the growing Sycamore Springs community.

In mid-September, the community house was completed with indoor and outdoor furniture and landscaping and was perfect for the Fall Equinox party. The community house will also be the site of resident parties and social events. Hopefully it will also be the site of football and basketball gatherings for the husbands.

“When you open a new community, it’s important to get to know everyone fast,” Tina says, “and we thought some casual social events would be the way to do it and everyone agreed.”

The new Sycamore Springs’ residents are retirees on the go. Several in the community spend extended periods in Florida during the cold weather and already new neighbors have headed out on trips to Europe and other locales.

“Getting together at small social events allows us to catch up with each other and keep in touch,” Tina says, “and it is working out well.”

The informal social committee is meeting again soon to pick dates and themes for future events to further make a community out of a group of new neighbors.

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