July 6, 2022 // 11:17 AM

A Spring Performance of Resilient Lives

Written by Sharon Sparkes

On the evening of Wednesday, May 4, 2022, residents, and team members at Meadow View Memory Support held a spring performance. Laura Gribble, the Garden Spot Communities musical therapist, identified residents with hearts of entertainers and worked on rehearsing for this show starting in April.

Melody Karick, Director of Memory Care, emceed the evening's events. The evening began with a trip back 100 years to the 1920s and a jazzy ragtime dance routine. The program was made of vignettes which also included poems, songs, and dance numbers performed by residents and team members.

Like a daffodil blooming in early spring after a particularly harsh winter — watching the performances and seeing the faces of joy and social connections was a shining example of resilience. The enthusiasm displayed before and while performing was a proper showing of how artistic expression gives life purpose.

The songs and dances executed by the community carried the welcoming message of spring throughout the evening. The music also had the community connect with each other and the team in a more profound capacity. During the performance of "You Are My Sunshine," a startling talent was discovered when one of the residents sitting in the audience began to whistle beautifully along with the tune.

While practicing and performing, opportunities presented themselves to further meaning and fellowship in the lives of all who live in work in the community. The success of the Spring Program, a delightful variety show, grew from the purpose and resilience of all in attendance.

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