April 20, 2020 // 1:41 PM

A Team Effort to Disinfect our Community

Written by Scott Miller

A blue cart, bucket of disinfectant, stack of towels, gloves, mask and a page full of instructions set the stage for another new experience.

Everyone, including the senior leadership and management team is embracing new experiences. Many of us have staffed and expect to continue to staff the screening station at the entrance to campus. Last week we also had the opportunity to volunteer for another job: wiping down and disinfecting high touch surfaces.

Before COVID-19, the Environmental Services team cleaned all the public and common spaces on a routine schedule. Beginning on March 27, 2020 they added wiping down and sanitizing all the high touch surfaces every two hours. That was a tall order and the Environmental Services team is already extremely busy. As with the screening tent, a sign-up sheet was created and staff from other departments were invited to sign-up to help out in two hour shifts.

The first person I spotted putting in some sweat equity was Dale Beiler, CFO and I understand he came in Easter Sunday to do a shift as well. Working away at a video in my office yesterday, Steve Lindsey, CEO popped his head in and wiped off my door handles and light switch. Earlier in the day, I noticed Steve Muller, COO pushing a cart into the elevator as he finished up a shift.

I’ve done it twice this week. You would think that dipping a rag into some warm solution as you walk up and down the hallways wiping off the handrails, door handles, elevator buttons and every flat surface you come across would be time consuming but not necessarily taxing. At least that’s what I thought. Throw in a couple floors of stairwells in four apartment wings and that changes the game. Oh my goodness, I wore a long sleeve shirt the first day and it wasn’t long before I felt like I was in a furnace. I was hot, wearing gloves and breathing through a mask. In addition, when you’re not used to walking up and down a bunch of steps in a two hour period it becomes quite a workout.

This morning just after my two hour shift, I saw Steve Lindsey who sort of chuckled and said, “I see you’re wearing a short sleeve shirt. That can mean only one thing.” We typically wear long sleeve shirts and a short sleeve shirt in the middle of the week is an immediate giveaway that something out of the ordinary is taking place. Having sanitized the surfaces the day, before he knew exactly why I was wearing a short sleeve shirt.

These are different times and everyone is doing their part to keep the residents and employees as safe and healthy as possible.

Chief Marketing Officer