April 7, 2017 // 10:20 AM

Amazing Marathon Insights

Written by Scott Miller

A Real Marathon?
When people first discover that Garden Spot Village organizes and hosts a marathon every year their first reaction is typically disbelief: “a real marathon?” A full 26.2 mile marathon is the last thing people expect from a retirement community, but then, Garden Spot Village isn’t your typical retirement community. The community has been adjusting and adapting to the demands and expectations of Baby Boomers for years. Consequently, when boomers who start considering different retirement options discover Garden Spot they quickly come to the conclusion, “this is almost too good to be true,” and want to be a part of the remarkable lifestyle.

So Garden Spot Village!
The annual marathon is SO Garden Spot Village. What images come to mind when you think about a marathon? Health. Youthfulness. Wellbeing. Determination. Excitement. Energy. People at the top of their game, doing what they love to do. That’s a pretty good description of not only a marathon but the people of Garden Spot Village. Living life to the fullest keeps us young!

The Bigger Draw
Do you know what else runners bring to the table? A positive attitude. Encouragement. Watching out for others. Easy conversation. Comradery. A sense of community. The sense of community may top the list as one of the biggest draws for runners. There’s something special about getting together with a bunch of people under the banner of a common pursuit. Again, that’s a pretty good description of not only a marathon but the people of Garden Spot Village. People living with purpose in community. It’s why 50 and 60 somethings don’t wait until they’re 70+ to embrace the lifestyle.

This Weekend
This weekend 1,200 runners and again as many spectators will show up for the Marathon | Half Marathon | Kids Marathon. If residents and staff aren’t running they jump in and volunteer extending help, assistance and hospitality. They will have a good time and they will show others a good time. Friday and Saturday are very worthwhile days in many different ways for many different people. That too is a pretty good description of life at Garden Spot Village.

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