February 24, 2022 // 9:49 AM

Birds of a Feather Craft Together – Garden Spot Birdhouse Display and Silent Auction

Written by Emma Burger

As the snow starts to melt and the days grow longer, we know that spring will be upon us soon. To herald the spring season, Garden Spot Village hosts a birdhouse display and silent auction. Over 100+ featured items are for sale, both online and in-person. The crafts available for purchase include butterfly houses, birdfeeders, quilts, indoor and outdoor birdhouses, and a variety of other bird-themed crafts. Every one of these crafts makes an excellent gift for either loved ones, or to display in your own home. All profits from the event are donated to the Benevolent Care Fund. As of last year, this silent auction has raised more than $47,000.

This spectacular event originated from the brilliant mind of Bill George, a former resident of Garden Spot Village. In 2009, when the woodworking shop had only 45 members, Bill came up with the idea for this birdhouse display and auction. Birdhouses were always a fill-in until you began your next project in the workshop, which sparked the particular idea of selling birdhouses. Bill’s expert craftsmanship quickly grew the popularity of his pieces, with some going for prices as high as $500.00.

“He was an encyclopedia for what to do… he was one of a kind,” remarks Ken Wendel, a fellow craftsman, and former facilitator of this event. Unfortunately, Bill passed in early 2020; however, his legacy continues to live on. Each year since his passing, his pieces have continued to appear in the birdhouse auction. People who previously purchased his work will donate it back into the auction so that his work may live on, raise additional funds and bring joy to the lives of others.

The Garden Spot Village birdhouse display and silent auction offers a wonderful opportunity for craftsmen of all kinds to showcase and donate their work. The spring season is an opportunity for new growth and life, which is represented beautifully through the spring-inspired art for display in this auction.

Marketing Intern