February 28, 2017 // 5:23 PM

Celebrating Fasnacht Day

Written by Juanita Fox

Did you get your fasnacht?

At Garden Spot Village this question was asked frequently today, as staff and residents embraced the local culture of south central Pennsylvania and celebrated Fasnacht Day.

Traditionally, Pennsylvania Dutch housewives in Lancaster, Lebanon and Berks counties made fasnachts on Shrove Tuesday to use up the rich foods like lard, sugar, butter and eggs in their pantries in preparation for Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday starts the 40-day period of fasting and prayer in preparation for Easter.

The word “fasnacht” in Pennsylvania Dutch literally means “the night before the fast” and offers one last opportunity to indulge before the more strict diet of Lent begins.

Charlie and Lee Till, of Village Square Apartments, hail from Wilmington, Del., and while they didn’t celebrate Fasnacht Day until moving to Garden Spot Village, they are happy to embrace it now as a celebration of the larger community. Charlie said, “It’s a free donut and a nice celebration.”

Of the glazed fasnacht they chose this morning Lee said, “It was nice and fresh and we did enjoy it!”

While the Garden Spot event was more about community and hospitality, it honored the heritage of our region and offered hope for the coming spring and Easter celebration.