September 5, 2017 // 2:01 PM

Everyone Is Welcome

Written by Scott Miller

It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day at 9:15 in the morning and the Refresh Coffee Bar at Garden Spot Village is hoppin’. I’d just stopped over for a fresh hot cup of Starbuck’s Veranda Blond Roast and another person at the counter says, “This a retirement community, right? You’d never know it. Look at that table, there’s a little boy and a whole group of young women and over there that looks like three people having a business meeting.” 

Around the corner there was a guy with his backpack on a chair, a cup of coffee and his laptop open. Five minutes later a young man came in pushing an infant in a stroller.

These are every day occurrences.  In some respects it’s because Garden Spot intentionally welcomes the broader community to come and go. The coffee bar and the restaurants are all open to the public. In another respect, it’s because of an inclusive intergenerational focus.  More importantly it’s probably because of the time, thought and effort that goes into creating great good spaces.  Seating and gathering areas are designed to be extremely inviting.  In addition to the booths and tables, plush sofas and comfortable lounge chairs face each other for easy conversation.

On my way back to my office I stopped to chat with a resident who was walking his dog. He lives in a cottage and had stopped at the front desk to book a guest suite for his family. I knelt down to pet the little guy and he was lov’n it. Got a good belly rub. Pets are just as welcome as people.  There’s a good chance you’ll see a dog or two when you visit. Of course they all love to be fussed over.

Whether people live at Garden Spot Village, someone is meeting associates for a business meeting, high school kids are stopping for an iced coffee, a local business person is making a coffee run, a youth group is gathering or people are dropping by everyone is welcome to stay for a while.

The youthfulness and intergenerational nature of Garden Spot Village is a trade up in lifestyle for people 55 and over that’s almost impossible to find anywhere else.

Chief Marketing Officer