November 5, 2019 // 12:35 PM

Executive Chef Mathew Plank Honored by Sodexo

Written by Juanita Fox

Executive Chef Mathew Plank loves to create delightful surprises for diners who frequent The Harvest Table. His creativity and innovation will be recognized by Sodexo through the month of November. Specifically, Chef Mathew’s Nashville Style Hot Chicken Sandwich will be featured through Sodexo’s Love of Food program. His story and recipe will be shared with Sodexo chefs across the country.

On a trip to Deals Gap, North Carolina, Chef Mathew stumbled across a small shack-like restaurant where he ordered a “hot chicken sandwich.” He was instantly inspired to create his own version of this delicious sandwich. When he was asked to submit ideas for the summer Staff Appreciation Picnic, he offered this creation. It was an instant hit with staff and Chef Mathew added it to The Harvest Table’s offerings.

Chef Mathew worked at Bright’s Restaurant in Ephrata during high school. “I fell in love with the atmosphere of the kitchen and the camaraderie of the fellow cooks and chefs. Interacting with customers while cooking in an open kitchen gave me the needed push to explore the culinary world. The satisfaction of seeing so many smiling faces after enjoying a well-executed meal is second to none.”

Chef Mathew attended The Art Institute in Philadelphia in the summer of 2004. He spent 13 years in Philadelphia working in a variety of dining venues, from Lincoln Financial Field to Silk City and more. He returned to Lancaster County in 2015 and started working at The Harvest Table as a cook supervisor in December 2015. He was quickly promoted to executive chef with Sodexo in August 2016 and enjoys sharing his creativity with people at Garden Spot.

To view the recipe for Chef Mathew’s Nashville Style Hot Chicken Sandwich, click here.