March 29, 2022 // 3:31 PM

Experiencing Kenya for the First Time

Written by Kaiya Boll

Garden Spot Village recently had the privilege of sending a group of twelve residents, team and family members to Nairobi, Kenya on a Travel with Purpose trip through Missions of Hope International. Among that group was Edna Jean Homsher, a Garden Spot resident since 2019. “This was my first trip with Travel with Purpose, and I was excited that the timing and opportunity worked out for me and my daughter, Vanessa Moore, to go,” she said.

Missions of Hope International is an organization that works to financially support students and their families in order to better empower communities. Throughout the trip, the Travel with Purpose team helped run a Vacation Bible School for the children there, where Edna Jean assisted with crafts and games. She said, “The children were so fun to work with, and their good behavior and obedience to their teachers was very impressive.”

The Travel with Purpose team also got to see the vocational school that provides training for a variety of skills such as electrical work, plumbing, and cosmetology. Enda Jean worked in cosmetology herself, so it was especially interesting for her to observe people training in her field of expertise.

Edna Jean additionally got the opportunity to meet her sponsored child, Beatrice, and her mother. Edna Jean’s sponsorship helps fund Beatrice’s education, as well as other costs such as food, school uniforms, and sometimes extra for special occasions like birthdays.

Another highlight from the trip was getting to visit a Giraffe Centre in Nairobi with the sponsored children, and Edna Jean especially liked watching the giraffes and their long, purple tongues eating the food offered to them.

Overall, Edna Jean spoke about how beneficial the work of Missions of Hope International is, for they work to not only enrich the lives of the children, but also provide support for their families so that the children can grow up in stable environments. “I think they do a fantastic job,” she said.

She was very impressed by the welcoming culture in Nairobi, and a definite stand-out of the trip for her was the “friendliness and kindness of the people.” Not only was she glad for the opportunity to serve with the now closely-bonded Travel with Purpose team, but also for the ability to finally meet Beatrice. Edna Jean did not have set expectations for the trip going in, but was pleased for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people there.

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