September 18, 2018 // 1:53 PM

Garden Gala Engages the Community

Written by Scott Miller

Photo by Bob Morrison, Garden Spot Village resident.

On Saturday, September 15, 2018 just after six o’clock in the evening, after days of tenuous weather forecasts, the New Holland Community began to arrive at the Garden Spot Village Legacy Garden for the 3rd Annual CrossNet Garden Gala. With perfect weather the event was absolutely outstanding!

A live band played upbeat popular music and classic rock creating a cheerful background under the hum and buzz of lively conversation. Along the winding garden paths people wandered and gathered at charcuteries stands featuring delicious selections of thinly sliced meats, cheeses, pates, olives and a variety of dips and sauces. The first hour of the evening people mingled, chatting in small groups or around high top tables in great anticipation of what was to come.

Then at seven-thirty, the Sodexo chefs along with the Garden Spot Village dining team created and served spectacular, eclectic dishes at three live action stations. Flames danced around grilled shrimp, lamb and vegetables on an open grill. A wood fired oven turned out amazing pizzas topped with duck, arugula, Maytag blue cheese and pomegranate molasses. For vegetarians and vegans the third station featured an incredible bok choy dish and seared tuna skewers. The desserts! Oh, the desserts! Everything was out of this world!

While the cuisine was prepared under a magnificent white tent, tables with linen tablecloths were set in the lawn under the stars. The evening was perfect. Friends gathered with friends. New friends were invited to join them. It was a wonderful evening of fine food, conversation, laughter, good cheer and community.

Garden Spot Village Resident and CrossNet Volunteer Don Aldrich, who attended the event says, “I was encouraged by the number of community members who attended the event – and especially the number of young people who support this vital, community ministry.”

A huge thank you to CrossNet Ministry for their vision, organization and attention to detail. Garden Spot Village was thrilled to be involved as a sponsor and host for the evening. CrossNet Ministries in its efforts to “offer help and hope to the ELANCO community” engages the community for the benefit of all mixing in enjoyable, uplifting good times.

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