June 8, 2018 // 10:37 AM

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Written by Scott Miller

Wow! Just wow!

Wow! Just wow! You need to go see The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Fulton Theater in downtown Lancaster City.  This performance now ranks as one of my favorite top 2 shows that I’ve ever seen in my life! The other is Phantom of The Opera which Cheryl and I saw on Broadway for our 10th wedding anniversary 30 years ago. Hunchback is absolutely that good! It was phenomenal!

More than a Simple Comparison

I’ve been to many performances at the Fulton Theater over the years. When Cheryl and I lived in New York, we kept the theater district in business. We saw so many big name Broadway plays: Le Mes, Cats, Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, 42nd Street and the list goes on. Phantom always ranked vividly as my favorite.  I also remember Cats and Les Mes. The others, not so much. I’ll remember Hunchback with the same vividness of Phantom.

What Made the Impression?

The music was over the top! The singer’s voices were powerful and touching from the individual solos to the group performances. The acting! The dancing! The set! The precision! It filled the theater in a way that created, at least for me, an everlasting experience. All of it was superb. When the lights went down to mark the end of the performance the audience was standing before the lights came back up for the cast to return to the stage. I think it was one of the longest standing ovations I’ve ever witnessed.

Arts - More Than Performance

Garden Spot Village appreciates and supports the arts. We believe they contribute tremendously to the aptitude, health and wellbeing of society and the individuals that engage with them. It’s why we sponsored the Fulton Theater this year, as well as, a variety of arts programs at the high school and local non-profits. It’s why Garden Spot supports and encourages the creative arts that bring purpose and meaning to people’s lives like the Art Guild, the performing arts group, the chorus, quilting, the woodshop, the metal shop and so much more. It’s why performing groups and individuals are invited to perform on campus. The arts benefit us all.
Whether you are a theater goer or not you will be glad you put The Hunchback of Notre Dame on your summer must do list!

Chief Marketing Officer