August 1, 2016 // 9:13 AM

“I Remember” with Lena Lansinger

Written by Trish Lauer

In the summer of 1996 Lena Lansinger moved to Garden Spot Village, settling into a cottage on Holly Drive. Things were so new then, the landscaping had not even been completed. “There was red clay everywhere – no grass – and the trees were so small, they were shorter than I am!”

The foliage was tiny, but Lena’s time here became anything but. Though there are far more activities to take part in now, Lena quickly became a part of the community. Much of her time was spent involved in making music. She played alto saxophone in the GSV band, sang with Village Voices, and played the organ and piano. Another difference between Garden Spot Village then and now? Pets! Pets weren’t initially allowed but after that changed, Lena was happy to become a cat-sitter.

A common thread with many residents is an aspect to GSV that Lena, to this day, also loves: the security and assistance provided by Facility Services. An avid traveler, Lena appreciates the peace of mind given to her by their help. “When I leave to travel, I don’t have to worry about my home or snowy weather. I just call and let them know I’ll be away.”

Much like others, for Lena, the greatest part of life at Garden Spot Village is the relationships she has fostered here. The neighbors on Holly Drive may have changed over the years, but the end result is almost always the same – new friendships. “I like being a part of a community that knows I’m here,” she says.

Over the years, it’s only natural for one to accumulate a lot of fond memories. When asked what her favorite would be, Lena couldn’t choose. “Memories are adding up all the time. It’s not one specific memory – it’s all of them together, like a special recipe where all the ingredients come together to make a gourmet meal.”