February 17, 2017 // 1:55 PM

Influencing Health Care in Japan and around the World

Written by Juanita Fox

Shortly after becoming CEO, Steve Lindsey had a conversation with Garden Spot Village Founder and then Board Chairman Dale Weaver regarding the vision of Garden Spot Village. At the time, the vision was to be the preferred retirement community in eastern Lancaster County. As the only retirement community in eastern Lancaster County, the vision was achieved!

Steve asked, “Is our vision enough?”

Dale, in his characteristic, thoughtful and reflective way replied after a moment, “You know, there is no reason Garden Spot Village can’t speak into the way services are provided to older adults around the world.”

It seemed to a bold idea, leaping from New Holland to the world.

The conversation wasn’t documented and the vision didn’t show up on organizational materials, but Steve began to tell the story. As he told the story to more and more team members, the idea began to weave itself into the fabric of the Garden Spot Communities.

When the administrative team began to implement new ideas like skilled nursing households, Garden Spot Village found its voice in the senior services field.

Since launching the skilled nursing households 10 years ago, Garden Spot Villages has hosted professional and policy-making delegations from around the nation. In addition, groups have visited from Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia, Iceland and China.

Just last week, Garden Spot Village was featured in the February 2017 issue of a Japanese trade magazine focusing on innovative senior industry initiatives in Japan, the US and around the world.

As Dale’s father, Victor Weaver, was fond of saying, “Whatever you do, do it with excellence.” At Garden Spot we desire to serve with excellence. As Dale envisioned so many years ago, the world is noticing.