June 1, 2018 // 4:30 AM

June 2018 | Endeavor: Highlighting the Happenings at Garden Spot Village

Written by Scott Miller


Hello and Welcome to Endeavour - Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

We’re here at Refreshing Mountain and the Garden Spot adventure team is organizing  - a zip line trip - this summer. It’s a blast. I’m 60 plus and I’m here with my 20 something daughter who works in wellness center. I figure I’ll be doing this with my grandkids 10 or 15 years from now. It’s a fabulous experience that creates very memorable moments. If you wanna score . .  grandkid  points . . come get in the trees with them. It’s safe, exhilarating and the memories will last a lifetime.

Our award winning - Grands & Kids Camp - is coming up in June - and - as a Future Resident . . you’re welcome to participate with your grand kids. Grands & Kids spent a day here at Refreshing Mountain a couple of years ago and people are still talking about it. This year’s program - promises to be just as exciting - but the real benefit is the time you get to spend with the younger generation of your family. It gives you an opportunity to speak into their lives  AND  studies show . . that over the long term . .  even BRIEF  interactions  . . with grandparents . .  have . .  life . . long . . positive effects . . on young people.  Sign up for Grands &  Kids camp you’ll be glad you did!

Pedal to Preserve . . is Saturday June 2nd . . on the Garden Spot Village campus, so . .  if your watching this video on June 1st . . you still have time to put your bikes on the car,  and come join the excitement. Over 1,000 people ride each year. There’s a 6, a 20 and a 51 mile ride and we’d LOVE  for you to come join the . . residents and staff . . that participate every year. The proceeds,  benefit the Lancaster Farmland Trust AND  help to preserve Lancaster County Farms.

Speaking of farms . . . the Farmers Market in Village Square opens again in June . .  featuring .. freshly harvested . . local produce.

Kicking off the summer, June is full of exciting opportunities at Garden Spot . . and you can discover them all . . in the Garden Variety . .  which we just posted . . on the events page  . .  of the website.

This has been Endeavor – Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

I’m Scott Miller and I hope to see you around campus. As I always say  . . . Life is Good!

Chief Marketing Officer