August 16, 2018 // 8:36 AM

Just Listen

Written by Scott Miller

It was mid-afternoon on a Tuesday in August and I was told a unique story about why a couple chose Garden Spot Village. We hear many incredible stories about how people discovered Garden Spot Village and why they decided it was their community of choice. Many involve word of mouth in one way or another so please, tell your friends, family and people you’re in line with at the grocery store about Garden Spot. Advertising is one thing and we try to be as authentic as possible in our promotions, but there is nothing like the sharing of heartfelt experience.

This story was a first. The gentleman telling the story had been to a bunch of other “senior communities”  before settling on Garden Spot Village. That’s pretty typical and we hear it all the time. Another common comment people share is that they had already decided upon another “senior community” and made a deposit, but after visiting here asked for their money back in favor of Garden Spot Village. I suspect that’s because Garden Spot doesn’t consider itself a “senior community.” Sure, there are those living here with 100-plus years, however, there are 50 and 60 somethings as well. It all balances out to an extremely engaging intergenerational environment.

In our world, people are people, regardless of age and everyone is invited to contribute and get involved in the community as they choose.  Life can be just as filled with purpose after leaving the job market as it was during the career and family building years. The focus of that sense of purpose is simply different; rather than building a career, relationships, service and making your impact of choice becomes more important.

Upon visiting each community this gentleman found a place to sit in the lobby or another common space, closed his eyes and listened. He related how he would hear the high pitched voices of residents bickering back and forth, staff berating staff, people talking behind other people’s backs and a general sense of disquiet, anxiety and stress. Not at Garden Spot. He experienced none of the stress and tension he experienced elsewhere. There is no undercurrent of anxiety.

Sit in the Village Square at Garden Spot Village and you’ll hear laughter. You may hear the theme song to Hawaii Five-O or the Beatles. You’ll hear people talking over a cup of coffee. Everyone says hello to everyone. You’ll see people from the local community on their laptops accessing free wi-fi busy with their task at hand. You’ll find people of all ages—including toddlers and teenagers—at any given time. You’ll experience the harmony of abundant life and a vibrant community.

Chief Marketing Officer