April 19, 2022 // 5:45 PM

National Soft Pretzel Month: 5 of Lancaster County’s Best Pretzel Places

Written by Kaiya Boll

April is National Soft Pretzel Month, and to celebrate, we’d like to highlight a few local businesses that feature this treat. All of these businesses make their own spins on the classic soft pretzel, and exploring the range of pretzels available might help you find a new local favorite!

Auntie Anne's

Originally founded in Lancaster County, this pretzel chain has spread around the country and the world, with locations in 48 states and 25 countries. Auntie Anne’s features not only their signature freshly made, hand-rolled pretzels, but also pretzels in a variety of forms such as pretzel rolls and pretzel nuggets.

Dutch County Soft Pretzels

This Amish-based pretzel place is a perfect place to stop for authentic Lancaster County hand-rolled pretzels, which are made on site. They allow for online orders, and in addition to their signature soft pretzels, they also feature other snacks such as wraps, sliders, rolls, and braids.

Hammonds Pretzel Bakery

Opened in 1931, Hammond’s Bakery is the oldest continuous family-operated pretzel bakery in the United States. Their commitment to quality ingredients and methods help them continuously produce their special Pennsylvania Dutch-style pretzels.

Immergut Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels 

Located in Kitchen Kettle Village, this popular tourist spot offers a variety of freshly baked pretzels to whet your appetite. This Amish-run business specializes in hand-rolled soft pretzels and wraps, and features other pretzel-inspired treats throughout the year.

Martin's Pretzel Bakery

This family-owned business perfected their pretzel recipe 80 years ago and continues to make quality pretzels now. They make their pretzels on site, with a specialty in hard pretzels made without oil or shortening. They are happy to ship their pretzels around the country.

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