December 5, 2017 // 10:08 AM

Overwhelming Generosity

Written by Scott Miller

If you’re a generous person you’d fit right in at Garden Spot Village. You’d be among a community of people that are generous, gracious and service minded. Not to mention all the opportunities for collaboration and teaming up to do not only the things you love to do but get involved with initiatives that significantly impact the world around you.

The economic model of Garden Spot is almost unbelievable. Because you invest in a lifestyle along with a thousand other people, you receive a wonderful home and a full range of hospitality services. Plus, your dollars buy you far more than you might imagine. Team members come and fix leaky faucets. They mow the grass, shovel the snow and mulch your flower beds.

In addition, you’ll write a list of bills you will never pay again. You will never pay property taxes on your home at Garden Spot. You will never pay another electric bill because all utilities are included in the monthly fee. You will never pay another plumber, electrician or handyman to fix something at your house.

Your one-time entrance fee also buys you access to all the amenities like the pool and fitness center. And, these amenities are routinely upgraded at no additional cost to you. For example, the fitness center was just fully remodeled with state of the art equipment, expanded floor space and an impressive cardio layout. And, as I write, renovations in the Terrace Dining Room are being completed. A coffee bar with Starbucks was added only a short while ago as well as The Harvest Table, the best fast casual restaurant in eastern Lancaster County.

Countless people tell us that they actually save money living at Garden Spot Village because it costs them less than maintaining their own home!

Garden Spot Village also offers a wonderful team to serve you and we don’t accept gifts or tips. If you eat in The Harvest Table, not only do you get amazing culinary experiences, you don’t leave tips. The common practice today is a 20% tip if you go out to eat. There are so many additional unapparent economic advantages, that you don’t realize the full impact until you live here.

Each year residents work together and take up a collection to show their appreciation with a monetary gift at Christmas, which is shared with each and every employee.

We appreciate their generosity!

Chief Marketing Officer