February 12, 2019 // 10:25 AM

Showing Hospitality with Trains

Written by Amanda Weaver

If you’ve been down to the GSV Train Room recently, you’ve probably seen some new engines chugging along the tracks or maybe some new buildings or scenery in the train room display. Where did these pieces come from? New Honorary Train Club member Shaun Seymour is to thank for the additions.

Five members of the Train Club dismantled and disassembled the two separate train layouts that Shaun had in his basement. The project felt daunting, but in community, even work is fun! The men broke into teams for each layout to see which team could get done faster. Shaun hard-wired the trains and buildings to control switches, so many wires had to be cut from the underside of the layouts.

The dismantling part alone took six hours. They then had to sweep up all the sawdust and make the place look like new again. Shaun’s son was so glad that the members from the Train Club were able to take the layouts down. He had no idea how he would’ve done it if he had to do it alone.

But how did the club members even hear about this opportunity to help someone in need? Charley Hentz received a phone call from Shaun when he decided to move from his house into Mountain View. Shaun asked if the Train Club could use some of his trains, or if he would just have to donate them to another organization.

Charley and three other members from the Train Club went to scope out Shaun’s collection. Little did they expect the treasure that awaited them. All different types of trains, and some that were brand new, still in the box. The men could tell the layouts had years of passion poured into them. They started packing up engines and scenery into boxes. Then a date was set up for them to come back and help tear down the layouts.

All of the supplies that Shaun donated are either in use or were sold. The engines that are now in use had to have a coded chip placed in them to run on the Train Club’s tracks. The profit that comes from the sales of the donations will go to buying more code chips so they will be able to run more trains on the tracks.

The Train Club members have been known to show hospitality within their own domain, but being able to see them extended it to the family of new residents is heartwarming. Just one of the abundant opportunities for people at Garden Spot Village to live with purpose in the community.

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