April 7, 2017 // 11:08 AM

Spirit of Adventure

Written by Juanita Fox

“We’ve never been on this road,” say Rich and Anne Treadwell about their approach to road trips in Central Pennsylvania. They enjoy exploring new roads, state parks and anywhere they can launch their kayaks.

The Treadwells have been kayaking for years. Anne’s sister-in-law introduced her to kayaking on a family vacation. Anne says the sense of freedom in the kayak hooked her on the sport immediately.

Now she and Rich both take every opportunity they can get to kayak and set a goal to visit every state park with a lake in Central Pennsylvania. They have explored the lakes at Gifford Pinchot and French Creek State Parks as well as Blue Marsh National Recreation Area.

Ann says, “We just love it. When you get out on the water, you can just drift.” Rich adds that on still summer mornings, “It’s very calm; you are just gliding. Eagles fly overhead, turtles swim around you.”

Each summer the Treadwells spend time in Maine, the state they most recently called home. They rent a cottage along a lake and spend weeks kayaking, resting and participating in local community events. This summer they plan to head to Highland Lake in Bridgton, Maine for a 5-week stay on the lake. They look forward to peaceful mornings on the water and glimpses of Mount Washington in the distance.

In addition to an annual trek to Maine, the Treadwells also take road trips to visit family in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont.

Trading their high-maintenance rancher on a large wooded lot in Maine for a no-maintenance cottage at Garden Spot Village allows them freedom to spend their time traveling to visit family and vacationing. Rich says, “We just walk out the door. We don’t have to worry about anything.”

This lack of worry gives them the freedom to engage their spirit of adventure.