January 22, 2019 // 2:02 PM

Staycationing at Garden Spot Village

Written by Juanita Fox

When Bonnie Brown’s husband Duane headed to El Salvador for a mission trip with Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) on Saturday, January 12, she had two options. First, she could stay at home and work on various cleaning and clearing out projects to prepare for their move to Garden Spot Village. Second, she could head to Garden Spot Village and relax by the indoor pool.

For Bonnie, the choice was easy. She called Wellness to double check the hours for the pool, packed her swimsuit and a good book, and headed to New Holland. Because Lauren Graber, the wellness director, knew Bonnie was on her way for a “tropical staycation,” she found some palm trees and placed them on the pool deck to add to the poolside ambience.

Bonnie stayed for three and half hours that Saturday. She read a good book, took a long nap, participated in the “Water in Motion” class and enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the Harvest Table. It was such a delightful, relaxing day that she returned on Tuesday. And, she returned again with her friend on Thursday. They enjoyed lunch and then lounged by the pool before making a stop at Share & Care and finished their day with coffee at Refresh Coffee Bar.

“Each time I visit I learn more about Garden Spot Village. I get to talk with people and learn more about the community,” Bonnie says.

Bonnie and Duane made a down payment on a cottage and joined the radar screen in September 2018, which gave them access to discounts in restaurants and a membership to the Wellness Center.

Bonnie initially resisted the move to Garden Spot because she spent the majority of her life living in the country without close neighbors. When she and Duane visited in early summer 2018 and the campus was in full bloom, she knew it was a good fit. Duane liked the quality of the tools and machines in the Woodshop.

She had further affirmation on their choice when she dropped off their down payment. She says, “I had a peace come over me. That day I knew Garden Spot Village is where God wants us.”

Bonnie and Duane eagerly await their move to Garden Spot, looking forward to the day they call the community home. Until then, they will be happy to visit and learn more about the opportunities they have to live with purpose at Garden Spot Village.