April 30, 2019 // 3:24 PM

Sycamore Springs Expansion Officially Underway

Written by Juanita Fox

The day finally arrived! Thursday, April 25—the official start of the Sycamore Springs Expansion! The site plan was complete, the floor plans assigned and the sales team was ready. Over the course of two hours 40 people stopped by the Sycamore Commons community building to learn more about the expansion, explore their opportunities and experience signature Garden Spot Village hospitality.

As people meandered through the common building they were invited to enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres like mojito pork baby tacos, Asian BBQ shrimp toast and waygu kobe sliders created by the Garden Spot Village culinary team while they perused the large 36”x24” floor plans and site plans stationed throughout the room on easels.

Bob and Luci Brown, Paradise, attended the event. They had been watching the Sycamore Springs project for several years, and even took a hard hat tour in 2016. The timing wasn’t right for them at that point, but now it felt just right. Even more critical? Knowing exactly when their home would be ready. Joining the radar screen and having a 24-30 month timeframe for an available home felt too vague for them. Knowing the move-in time frame when they chose their site and floor plan was perfect.

Plus, the neighborhood met their goals for their next home. Bob says, “We like the idea of a single-family home. The garage and space to be outside is important to us.”
“We had done our homework,” Bob continues. “So, during the Garden Party, we chose our floor plan, picked the location for our home and confirmed our appointment for April 30.”
Bob and Luci signed their pre-construction agreement on Tuesday, April 30, as planned.

“We are so excited,” Luci says. “I look forward to participating in the planned events and trips. Plus, we will enjoy the walking trails. And we’ll be closer to church and our family here in New Holland,” Lucy says.

Fifty new construction homes are currently available at Sycamore Springs, with move-in dates as soon as early summer 2020.

Megan Bennett, sales manager, says, “It’s been exciting to see the response to the new floor plans; and it’s wonderful that the style of living in community is easily envisioned just by stepping into one of the existing Commons. The residents at Sycamore Springs cannot wait to meet their new neighbors.”

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