March 31, 2022 // 12:51 PM

Tasting Jelly Drops

Written by Juanita Fox

On a Tuesday afternoon in late March, a group of women gathered in Meadow View. Laughter and smiles were shared around the table as they anticipated a tea party, complete with floral arrangements and porcelain teacups. Music playing in the background set the mood for a delightful afternoon.

Eliza Brown, a resilient living aid for the Amber household, offered each woman tea—ginger, earl gray, pomegranate or black—while Natalie Zimmerman, Med Tech for Meadow View, offered a new and innovative snack: Jelly Drops.

As residents questioned the treat, Natalie told them it tasted like a sports drink with the texture of Jello. She asked them to choose their favorite flavors: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, lemon, lime, or orange.

Upon touching and tasting the drops, residents shared their initial reactions. “I’ve never seen anything like that!” “It’s good” and “Very interesting,” were some of the spontaneous comments offered.

Melody Karick, director of Meadow View, discovered Jelly Drops at a conference several years ago and was convinced that they would be transformative for residents with dementia. Developed in the UK, Jelly Drops are a deliciously sweet sugar-free treat, made of 95% water, and designed to increase fluid intake. Jelly Drops just became available in the United States.
“People with dementia sometimes struggle to stay hydrated, which leads to other medical issues. Jelly Drops offer a quick and delicious way for us, as staff, to encourage people to stay hydrated,” says Melody.

She continues, “The residents who sampled the Jelly Drops enjoyed the flavors. I’m looking forward to seeing if Jelly Drops will make a difference in the lives of our residents.”

Melody’s continual desire to find innovative and person-centered opportunities to keep residents healthy and hydrated makes a difference in the lives of residents who live at Meadow View every day.