February 13, 2017 // 11:59 AM

The Lucky Straw

Written by Scott Miller

Each weekend a designated member of the leadership team serves as manager on duty. In this shared responsibility we each serve two weekends a year. This is one of my weekends.

As I was going from department to department to check-in, the common comment, as you might imagine was, “Is this your weekend?” The same question popped up as I stopped to talk with residents along the way.  One person jokingly commented, “Looks like you drew the short straw.”

As we all know, drawing the short straw means the recipient usually gets to do something no one else wants to. If you ask me how I like working at Garden Spot Village, you’ll discover my common response is “Mondays are OK with me.” I’ve had jobs that caused a miserable pit in the bottom of my stomach Sunday night just thinking about Monday morning.  Not Garden Spot. Here, Mondays really are OK with me. I enjoy not only the “work” we do but all the people: the team, the residents, the visitors and the broader community members that come and go. Village Square, just outside my office, reminds me of a town square where people of all ages hustle and bustle pursuing the purpose of their day.

This morning I shifted the statement, “I drew the short straw,” to “I drew the lucky straw.” As people commented about it being my weekend, I responded with, “Yep, I drew the lucky straw.” That elicited smiles, laughs and conversations about the amazing community of Garden Spot Village.

Garden Spot Village is easy to talk about. The people are interesting and easy to get along with. There’s a genuinely positive outlook among people with widely held and differing views. It’s a community: a  community that provides abundant opportunities to live with purpose, resulting in an amazingly engaged group of people.

Yep, working on a weekend feels like drawing the “lucky” straw. And Monday’s truly are OK with me.

Chief Marketing Officer