April 23, 2020 // 2:51 PM

The Screening Tent

Written by Scott Miller

Driving onto the Garden Spot Village Campus Easter Sunday resident Fran Rapp and wellness team member Bonnie Becker were standing at the screening tent having a good laugh with some other residents who were out for a late Sunday afternoon walk. Everyone was wearing a mask and maintaining the proper social distancing.

Fran and Bonnie were just wrapping up a two hour shift and I had arrived to relieve them.  Not long afterward Stacy Vega arrived as the other member of our two person relief team. In general, shifts at the screening tent are two hours, however, people can sign up for longer shifts if they wish. In consideration of those who need to fill out their hours because fewer activities are happening those of us on salary tend to fill in open timeframes at the “last minute.” That’s how I ended up working 4-6pm Easter afternoon which I was very happy to do.

It turned out to be quite a bit of fun. Because the campus is closed to casual visitors and especially because predictions indicate that the real surge and peak of the virus in Lancaster County is still coming, family members were dropping off a wide variety of items for their loved one. A bunch of those drop-offs included a hot Easter Dinner and I ended up making to-the-door deliveries. I’d place the items in front of the person’s door, knock and step way back. People were both surprised and delighted and we got to wish each other a Happy Easter. It was delightful.

As you might imagine, when family members arrived with their deliveries many of them asked if they could deliver them personally. We all know how sneaky this virus seems to be and as I mentioned earlier it’s believed the peak has yet to arrive. When responding that we would love nothing more than to allow people to visit, however, the campus was closed specifically to protect the residents, everyone fully understood. No one objected. In fact, they turned around and thanked us for being so concerned and cautious in our efforts to help people stay safe and healthy. It was another blessing of the day.

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