November 17, 2020 // 4:30 PM

The Story of a Christmas Card

Written by Abigail O'Neill

In 2014 Anne Treadwell and her husband, Rit, moved to Garden Spot Village. Little did Anne know that six short years later, her painting would be featured as one of the annual Garden Spot Village Christmas cards.

Anne has always loved art. Anne attended high school in Connecticut where she first found her passion for creating. Her high school art class was merely the beginning as Anne moved on to enroll in many other classes to improve her craft. Anne specifically recalled a watercolor class in Maine saying, “I just fell in love with watercolor.” In addition to this class, Anne learned about acrylics in Smoketown, Pennsylvania.

Anne says that “If you can take at least 10% of what you have learned in a class and put it into your art, you are lucky.” She continued to explain that each class, regardless of its topic, enabled her to create the famous Santa piece for this year’s card.

The inspiration for her painting started as she was flipping through a booklet and saw a beautiful piece featuring Saint Nicholas. More specifically, Anne loved the shape of his hat and his body, but wanted to add her own flare.

Anne said with a laugh, “I usually can’t do people because of the eyes, but it worked for this one.”

Anne submitted her beautifully finished Santa painting to a resident art show at Sycamore Springs. Seeing the work of six other artists each showing a different range of talent, Steve Lindsey and Scott Miller roamed the gallery. As they looked through the different pieces, Anne’s stunning painting of Santa Claus caught Scott’s attention.

Scott loved the painting and told Anne that it was going to be featured on this year’s Christmas Card. Anne stood there in pure disbelief and asked Scott with a smile, “Are you being serious?”

Anne explained that she was truly surprised but extremely grateful for the opportunity. She continued saying “I was honored to be at the same caliber and in the same league as the other artists featured before me.”

Anne says that she loves art because it gives her freedom, peace, and the happiness to create. We are grateful to know such talent and look forward to seeing what else Anne will create in her future here at Garden Spot Village. 

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