February 19, 2019 // 3:19 PM

The Tooth Fairy, Unveiled

Written by Juanita Fox

Several weeks ago we told the story of Gladys Ziegenfus and her visit from the Tooth Fairy. Today we tell the story from the perspective of the Tooth Fairy!

On Saturday, December 29, about 9pm, Gladys Ziegenfus’s daughter, Jane Martin, called the Mountain View staff desk. Libbi Carcamo, licensed practical nurse (LPN) supervisor, answered.

Jane explained that Gladys broke her tooth earlier that day and during a trip to the dentist that afternoon, Gladys asked the dentist if he thought the tooth fairy would visit her on her 90th birthday.

“Could someone please put a quarter under her pillow?” Jane asked.

“Oh, we can do better than that,” Libbi responded.

It seems that overnight is when the magic happens.

Before heading home Libbi raided the activities craft closet to create an extra-special surprise for Gladys. She crafted a letter, a tooth receipt and slipped a dollar into an envelope adorned with gold-foil filigree stickers.

Libbi says, “I can get a little carried away when it comes to putting a smile on residents’ faces. I loved every second of making that card for Gladys.”

At the shift change Libbi slipped the envelope to Yvonne Stoltzfoos, the night shift med tech who regularly makes Gladys’s bed for her. Yvonne waited until Gladys woke up Sunday morning before stopping in to check on her. While Gladys was in the other room she asked, “Gladys, is it OK if I make your bed?” After Gladys responded she paused and then said, “Gladys, did you know there is an envelope under your pillow?”

Gladys, who had completely forgotten her comment about the Tooth Fairy was delighted to find the envelope. She shared the story with her friends and family at her 90th birthday party later that day before tucking the envelope into the family Bible as a treasured memory.

“It made me happy to know the next day I was involved in making her feel special. I never imagined it would make so many other people smile too,” Libbi says.

At Garden Spot Village we strive for excellence in all we do. Libby demonstrated excellence by going above and beyond Jane’s request to delight Gladys. Yvonne demonstrated excellence by hiding and then discovering the envelope on Sunday morning. This love and care for Gladys inspired her family and friends and offers a great example of the fun and memories that can be created when we live with purpose in community.

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