There are many wonderful opportunities at Garden Spot Village; people are living life to its fullest, seizing opportunties to serve, contribute and make a difference in the local community and around the world. Visit this page often for highlights of the action.

Turkey Farming in Lancaster County

November 16, 2017
Bob Esbenshade, 89 years young, is the fourth generation Esbenshade to run the oldest turkey farm in the country. Established in 1858, in Ronks, Pennsylvania, Esbenshade’s is just a few miles away from Garden Spot Village. I met Bob and worked with him in late October as I was writing...
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Friendship Around the World

November 14, 2017
Eun Hee Jang has a goal for her year in North America: to try a different kind and flavor of potato chips each Friday. She’s already decided she doesn’t like salt and vinegar chips! But, she loves whoopie pies. And she’s been enjoying her...
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The Best Chicken Corn Soup

November 9, 2017
We all have favorites. You know, from past blogs, I love Lapp’s ice cream and maple walnut is my favorite flavor. You know from my corn blog that I favor bi-color over white or yellow. Today you will learn I have been on a hunt to find the...
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Retiree in Training

November 2, 2017
As you read this blog, Tina and I will be approaching out one year anniversary here at the OUTPOST in Sycamore Springs, Garden Spot Village. The first few weeks in the construction zone surrounded by carpenters, plumbers and roofers and a sea of mud was interesting - and so we...
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