April 26, 2016 // 8:17 AM

2016 Business Expo

Written by Trish Lauer

Walking into Garden Spot Village, the murmur was hard to miss. Friendly chatter, bunches of people… it’s Expo Day.

Vendors lined the halls, happily talking with visitors that came by their tables. The annual Business Expo is a great way for local companies – approximately 80 this year – to connect with the people of Garden Spot Village, and the residents are happy that they participate. “We appreciate all the vendors who come out,” said Dale Fox, who volunteered with his wife, Pat, handing out sandwiches to the staff of the businesses that attended. “We would thank each company as we handed them their lunch, and they would thank us right back. It’s such a wonderful day, and so good for the Benevolent Fund, too.”

“The Expo is a great way to for the residents to get to know us. It exposes a company Sodexo uses often to them,” commented Kevin from Kegel’s Produce. “We come out here six days a week, so it helps put a face to the name.” Alexis Mull with Advanced Tech Hearing voiced a similar sentiment. “It’s a great way for us to reinforce relationships with the residents, and potentially form ones with people we haven’t met yet.”

A main feeling one walks away with from the Business Expo is the sense of locality. It promotes an environment of mutual support – the companies are here to make themselves available to the people of Garden Spot, and the residents find it important to back the efforts of businesses in their hometown. Lancaster has always been a county that has encouraged local industry, and the Expo is a by-product of that encouragement.

In the end, the Business Expo turned out to be a wonderful event. It was a day filled with goodies, information and, most importantly, a bond of community. Typical Lancaster County. Typical Garden Spot Village.