December 26, 2013 // 10:32 AM

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Model Trains

Written by Scott Miller

A Review of Garden Spot Village Train Club's Annual Exhibition

Garden Spot Village train club

‘Tis the season for the Train Room Open House at Garden Spot Village. Every Saturday for the month of December, the Train Room opens its doors to the community. Young children and adults both enjoy watching and playing with the model trains. To celebrate the last Train Room Open House of the season, Harry Black, member of the Train Club has given us a few facts you may not have known about the GSV Model Trains.

1. The digital world has invaded model train operation. In the past, to control the speed or direction of a train one would use a transformer. The transformer regulated voltage on the track and transferred power to any engine that may be sitting on the track. With this method, only one train could be controlled through any portion of the track. Today, each locomotive contains a decoder that responds to a pre-programmed control device called a throttle. The operator of the throttle has complete control of the engine. Thus, any number of trains can be run on the same track at one time.

2. The bar has been raised on realism. Today one can find exact replicas of historical trains. Even the scenery surrounding the trains is designed to be as realistic looking as possible. Hours and hours are dedicated to making the buildings and plants that the trains pass by look as realistic as the train itself.

3. Modern electronics provide lighted and action windows, signs and billboards. Modern electronics have made details in the trains and surroundings even more realistic and fun. Trains have lights, sound, and moving windows. The buildings and signs also can light up.

4.  A small camera mounted in the front of an engine projects an engineer’s view from the cab for all present at the monitor to see. Did you ever want to know what it felt like to be a train conductor?  You can pretend you are the driver of our model trains by checking out the engineer’s view monitor.

5. Our Thomas the Tank Engine talks! Children will be delighted to hear the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine greeting them while standing close to our large model.

We had a lot of fun this year with all of our visitors to the train room. Visitors commented on how beautiful the display was and how much they enjoyed visiting with us. Here’s looking forward to next year’s open house!

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