Game On - Shoes Save Lives

March 8, 2016
In the movies, we see people inadvertently end up barefoot and it turns into disaster. They get cut, burned or trampled, and it adds excitement or humor to the film. Shoes are such a common thing that it’s hard to imagine living without them. According to a GAiN...
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Bird House Auction

February 24, 2016
The unmistakable scents of wood, paints and lacquers fill the air. In the woodshop, the members are hard at work doing what they love. Many hours of work later, each house is complete and being put on display in the Village Square Park. The reason? The annual Garden Spot Village...
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Journey To The Dominican Republic

February 19, 2016
R: Resident, E: Employee. From left to right back row: Gavin Sauder (E. since Nov. 2015), Kristy Deibert (E. since 2007), Marvin Harnish (E. since 2009), Marian Harnish E. since 2009), Amy Gallagher (E. since 2011). Left to right front row: Vivian Hertzler (R. since 1998), Ginger Miles (E. since 2008), Velma Hershey (R. since July 2015), Kelly...
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February 10, 2016
A phone rings. “Thank you for calling Garden Spot Village...” After a short conversation, the caller is transferred to the proper extension. Transferring calls is just the tip of the iceberg of life at Resident Services. A busy central hub, it's where people go for answers, documents,...
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