It’s Official: It’s a Great Place to Retire

October 31, 2017
When it comes to retirement havens, the Sunshine State has some serious competition. When U.S. News & World Report released its latest list of the 100 Best Places to Retire in the USA, it named Lancaster #2 in the nation. The magazine gives Lancaster high scores for housing affordability and health...
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The Angel Lady

October 26, 2017
I have said many times since I started my Garden Spot weekly blog that I truly believe that I have been led since I arrived here. I believe in coincidence but not at the rate that I have found myself in situations since January. When I started writing for the...
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Field Hockey: Like Watching Grass Grow

October 19, 2017
I worked in college athletics for several years in the 1970s-80s, including six-plus years at Dartmouth in the Ivy League. It was one of the highlights of my working career as after my high school academic career, going to Dartmouth was not in the cards! I did smarten up,...
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Delicious News From Thrillist

October 17, 2017
The harvest season is in full swing here in Lancaster County. On my way to Garden Spot Village each day, I love watching the Amish farmers working their field, bringing in the bounty that we enjoy on our tables. Lancaster County has long been known for its fresh produce, great...
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Amish Babies: I Was Way Over My Head

October 12, 2017
I met Garden Spot Village resident Gladys Z’s daughter in the pool earlier this summer and learned she was a retired Nurse/Midwife. My grandmother had been the first midwife in New Haven, CT in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and delivered babies until she was 80....
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