December 22, 2016 // 11:28 AM

A Call To Missions

Written by Trish Lauer

When Velma Hershey heard about a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, she leaped at the chance to go.

“It wasn't hard to make that decision,” Velma says. “Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘you can do that’, and I responded without hesitation, ‘yes I can!’” The trip, in conjunction with CURE International, concentrated on ministry to children who have medical issues with their legs and feet. “It was fulfilling to me to support an organization that ministered to the whole person – physical and spiritual.”

This experience was not the first time Velma has given her time and heart to missions focused on children. Through her adult life she has been involved with a variety of children’s ministries, and in 2000 she went Ethiopia and Rwanda to visit with several children she sponsored, under the auspices of Compassion International.

For the Dominican Republic trip, Velma also found personal fulfillment and connections. “Since I was a new resident at GSV, I felt it would be a way to make new friends on a deeper level. This proved to become true,” Velma smiles. The friendships she made with others who took went on the mission are real and have been lasting ever since.

If given the chance, would Velma go on another mission trip in the future? Though nothing is a certainty, it’s clear that she would more than love to. “An older friend said to me one time, ‘never say never.’  I do not know the plans God has for me. I try to live one day, one moment, at a time so I have to answer ‘never say never’.”