June 13, 2016 // 1:04 PM

A Taste of Dining

Written by Trish Lauer

On a sunny June afternoon, a handful of Future Residents gathered in the Village Square and chatted pleasantly. A few moments later, the reason they were all there began: they were all guests for a Garden Spot Village kitchen demonstration.

The purpose of the event was to provide a unique experience for those who will be moving to GSV, giving them a closer look at the goings-on in the dining areas, while answering any questions they may have. Starting off at Refresh Coffee Shop, Christy Turner and Vicki George of Central Kitchen introduced themselves and began the tour. After answering some questions, everyone was given the best part of any food demo: samples. Handed out in fun-sized Starbucks cups, guests were able to enjoy a cold Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino topped with a dollop of whipped cream – perfect for the warmer weather of the day.

From Refresh, the tour moved on to the Terrace Dining Room, where, on Sundays, the count can get as high as more than 100 people. After heading to the kitchen and meeting Executive Chef Mike Pezzillo, guests were given homemade cookies & cream ice cream to try while also being able to see the inner workings of where a large portion of the food served at GSV gets made. From there, the group went through the kitchen to the Harvest Table. Christy shed some light on the healthy, Mindful choices that are offered, as well as the various functions that make getting a meal easier, such as online ordering and food delivery options.

While Christy spoke, Mike made a flavorful stir-fry that included bok choy, red peppers, and yellow squash. As everyone happily tried their final sample, they had friendly conversations. “This is a great idea,” said one Future Resident, “Mike does a terrific job.” Another commented on how they’re looking forward to moving in and enjoying more meals, especially with the recent addition of the aeroponic greenhouse and its fresh produce.

The kitchen demonstration was a fun insight into where and how meals are prepared each day, but it was also about fellowship – from both the commonality of being Future Residents and the natural bond that forms over sharing delicious food.