May 21, 2014 // 4:52 PM

A Visit from Arizona

Written by Scott Miller


Yesterday I met a couple from Arizona who dropped in to visit Garden Spot Village. They love Lancaster County, having lived here previously and now are returning to visit old friends. Although they had been to GSV a number of times, they hadn’t really “explored” the ins and outs.

This couple loves Arizona but feels drawn to Lancaster as well.  Now, they’re considering splitting their time between Lancaster and Arizona because they aren’t quite ready to leave Arizona. They are young and healthy, traveling, and staying busy – they would fit right in at Garden Spot Village.

Thinking ahead, this couple was looking 15-20 years into the future and asking the important “what if’s.” What if we need healthcare? Assisted living? Or even just a little extra help with daily tasks?

That’s one of the things they liked about the GSV lifestyle: it’s young and active but there are health care options if it’s ever needed. Even the people in healthcare are making a difference in the local community and around the world. Just last year women in personal care partnered with Ten Thousand Villages to support women in Bangladesh! This same group knits to donate prayer dolls to a local hospital!

This couple thought, “What if we got a one-bedroom or a bedroom with a den apartment at Garden Spot Village and split the time. We can always trade up at GSV in the future without losing our investment. We’d have the best of both worlds.” It makes a lot of sense. I love the way people think these days. Build security for the future while taking advantage of all life has to offer today.

Here’s the thing that made me take to the keyboard this morning: as I was getting a cup of coffee the guy I was talking to yesterday came by for a cup as well. He said they had a great visit with Megan yesterday and that they had discovered a lot. Then he said . . . “we’ve been looking at a lot of ‘these places’ (over 15 so far), everything including 55+ communities in Arizona and all across the country – but Garden Spot Village is the best by far.”

I hear that a lot. In one respect I don’t fully understand it because I’m here every day so to me, it’s just Garden Spot Village. On the other hand I might have an idea why people say that. Many of us on the management team are 50-somethings and we’re not just trying to do a great job for the people that live here -  we are doing our best to create an environment where we would love to live.

Drop by anytime. We'd be glad to meet you.

- Scott Miller

Chief Marketing Officer