June 15, 2016 // 10:10 AM

Campfire & Glow Sticks

Written by Trish Lauer

“In order to cook the perfect golden marshmallow, you need to be the marshmallow.” – John Kokotiuk, Garden Spot Village Resident

When one hears the words “power shutdown”, it doesn’t typically elicit positive feelings. A bunch of questions spring to mind and preparations begin to ensure that all goes well.

Before such an event at Garden Spot Village, those same questions were asked, and subsequently answered, and action was taken so the experience would go as smoothly as possible. However, there was an added bonus – a glow party.

What’s a glow party? It’s when a bunch of residents (and sometimes their pets!) gather at the Pavilion, ready to talk, laugh, listen to music and roast marshmallows. There were bean bag games and resident John Dolan brought along his banjo to provide a festive, sing-along style soundtrack. “We ought to turn the power off more often to have a party like this,” Aaron Hoffman joked as he held a marshmallow skewer over a campfire.

To really capture the spirit of a glow party, an assortment of “glow” items were also given out, such as sticks and lanterns, and many a woman could be seen sporting a colorful glow bracelet – the perfect accessory for the occasion. Faces were illuminated by the soft light of lanterns as conversation and laughter filled the air, and there was no doubt that everyone was having a great time. As Carol Wendel put it, “This is like a preview of Heaven.” Though the gathering was slated to end at 9 p.m., more than a few residents were still sitting together beyond that time. On such a lovely night, with such lovely company, no one wanted the fun to end – so, it didn’t!

Typically, an electrical shutdown can be seen as a headache. Life at Garden Spot Village, though, is anything but typical – just ask those who went to the 2016 Blackout Glow Party!