November 14, 2014 // 4:54 PM

The Harvest Table: Changing Expectations

Written by Scott Miller

Garden Spot Village has 304 apartments and 238 houses, and up to 55 of them are re-marketed each year.  Within our campus, there are 5 different dining venues/restaurants to choose from. Others in our market space refer to themselves as “senior” or “retirement” communities. Not us! Garden Spot Village has a totally different mindset. Here we think of “people” and “opportunities”. People don’t move to Garden Spot Village to retire. They come here to live, contribute locally and globally, and live life to its fullest.

All our restaurants are in the same building as the apartments. In the past the people that lived in the houses may or may not have frequented the campus restaurants. That began to change when The Coop opened a year or so ago. It’s a cool French bistro style eatery. I suspect it will change even more in the coming months with the recently opening of The Harvest Table in our newly renovated space. If you want contemporary American Cuisine it’s awesome! I mean, really awesome!  The reviews are outstanding! You should come try it out.

Yesterday a guy who lives in one of our Carriage Homes was coming up the hallway. He stopped me and asked if I'd tried the burgers at The Harvest Table. When I responded that I had not, he replied, “you have to get one. They’re really good.”  I must not have responded with the level of enthusiasm he anticipated because he repeated, “no, I’m telling you, they are really, really good!”

To be honest I suspect he was right because a bunch of people who’ve had a burger made the same comment. I, on the other hand, got a fresh salmon burger rather than a cheese burger and it was incredible! Earlier in the week the burger station was a pasta bar. The Wok will be opening soon. The open pizza oven makes the best gourmet personal pizzas around. And the deserts? Oh my goodness, there are low sugar pies that are simply amazing. In addition, for convenience and speed, you can order from a kiosk. The next step will be online ordering.  The whole idea is healthy, made-to-order choices in a fabulous space. I so love working at Garden Spot Village.

Sound progressive? It is. Why’s it happening? Because boomers are catching onto the pick-up-and-go, no hassle, opportunity packed lifestyle of Garden Spot Village. Over the last several years 22% of new residents are 50 and 60-somethings. It’s a well-known fact that boomers change the world as they move through different life stages. Many are already in their post-career years and they’re not retiring. Not the ones moving to Garden Spot Village anyway. They are doing new and different things that previous generations never even thought of. Along with that comes a totally new set of expectations. Expectations like The Harvest Table. Stop by and check it out. It’s pretty cool!

Chief Marketing Officer